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Ouro Verde (Green Gold)

The Ouro Verde (Green Gold) technique combines shamanic and oriental knowledge, psychological concepts, and elements of quantum physics. It is based on studies of shamanic indigenous people in Brazil, supernatural phenomena and alchemistic concepts.

This seminar is theoretical and experience-oriented. It offers an excellent and effective tool for professionals of all fields and all people who want to turn there potential into skills.

The Method

The Ouro Verde (Green Gold) technique combines shamanic and oriental knowledge, psychological concepts, and elements of quantum physics. It is based on studies of shamanic indigenous people in Brazil, supernatural phenomena and alchemistic concepts.

Ouro Verde is a holistic technique that considers the individual as a unity of mind, emotion, body, and spirit. It seeks to detect “thought forms” on the energetic level – unappropriate beliefs and behaviors that interfere with the individual and collective evolutionary process. Through this method it is possible to identify blocks and disharmonies caused by a dualistic interpretation of the universe, to understand the logic applied, to become aware of the unity of the issue addressed, and to undergo the necessary transformations.

Ouro Verde offers

  • Deep inner work through self-knowledge
  • The strengthening of emotional structures with the goal of experiencing internal and external crises with greater flexibility, acceptance, and transformative potential
  • Integration of emotion and ratio
  • Stimulation of prosperity on several levels
  • Recovery of the sixth sense
  • Options to change beliefs, blocks, fears, addictions, feelings of loss, guilt or sadness, genetic heritages, and relationships in general
  • New professional paths and a new view of the world


  • The visible and the invisible: the brain receives its information directly
  • We see the world through our brain’s interpretation: refraining from judgments and being neutral
  • Energetic bagage: reframing of beliefs, taboos, and genetic heritage
  • Knowledge of the energy network: we are connected with everyone and everything
  • The external world as a reflection of our internal world: the brain creates what we consider the real state of the world and then perceives this as reality
  • Understanding existence by thinking in polarities as opposed to thinking in harmonies
    Internal marriage: reconciliation of oppositions
  • Empathy and “sponge effect”: learning how to transform feelings of guilt
  • Protection mechanisms that block the evolutionary process: learning how to transform fears
  • Clearing and protecting the energetic field
  • Activating the connection to the more “subtle” fields in order to improve our life performance
  • The awakening of the consciousness: unity and duality
  • Salvation of personal power: promoting the quality of relationships and well-being on different levels
  • Connection: the dimension of pure Christic Force that works through the energy of the heart, guardians
  • Work explanation: how to approach a subject through different beliefs
  • Vibration field reading: what we are looking for in a reading, the reading’s function, and how to identify the extremes of unharmonious polarity
  • Perception of the energy body: what are energy bodies, how do they operate and how do we identify them
  • Transformation: going back to the essence (my essential self)
  • Mantras/passwords to renewed contents, their function and use
  • Reading organs, chakras, personal objects, signs that appear through music, images, symbols, etc.
  • Healing wheels: emotions, organs, chakras, polarities, etc
  • Shamanic journeys, power animals, talking stick, astral carate.
  • Lifeline approach: childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age.
  • Timeline approach: past, present, and future


Desirée Oliveira studied computer science, mathematics, transpersonal psychology, and perinatal education, and has been trained in Enneagram, unicistic astrology, systemic coaching, holy geometry (Merkaba “flower of life” meditation), and Touch for Health.

She organizes working groups for pregnant women and holds the post of executive director at the Ouro Verde (Green Gold) Center of Holistic Research. She teaches Ouro Verde techniques in Brazil and Europe and supervises and co-ordinates study groups and researchers who are developing new ways of using Ouro Verde.


Date: July 23 to 28, 2018
Investment: €1,040
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Professionals of all fields who are interested in and committed to personal development, people who are looking for new professional paths or want to use this powerful technique for their present purposes, people who are seeking self-knowledge, expanded consciousness, or a new approach to personal, professional or emotional issues, and, most of all, people who feel caught in repetitive behaviors and aim at more flexibility.
Portuguese with interpreting into German
The participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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