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SummerCamp in Italy

July 23 to August 12, 2017

METAFORUM SummerCamp Italy 2017

In a diverse program of seminars, renowned trainers from fields such as coaching, psychology, business, and healthcare meet with 500 participants to get the creative juices flowing. Discover the METAFORUM SummerCamp—held in Abano Terme near Venice from July 23 to August 12, 2017—and acquire valuable new skills for your professional and private life.

What happens at the SummerCamp?

The METAFORUM SommerCamp is a systemic, cross-methodological event for advanced professional training. You will experience:

The cutting-edge of coaching, systemic consulting, NLP, constellation work and more. Excellent trainers, pioneers of their respective fields, and their valuable collaboration. Special events such as the Future Congress and the X-Change. The unique atmosphere of the San Marco monastery and its surroundings. Inspiration, regeneration, exchanges and networking opportunities with interesting people from all over the world. Personal development, new solutions and unforgettable experiences.

Our program

X-Change: Learning from One Another

July 28–30, 2017
Stephen Gilligan, Gunther Schmidt, Insa Sparrer, Matthias Varga v. Kibéd
Incl. Future Congress

Three unique days of encounters, exchanges, and co-creation with five pioneers from different schools of change work.


International Future Congress 2017

July 30, 2017
Presentations, panel discussion, discoveries
Incl. X-Change presentations

Embracing all methods, our Future Congress is an international event that presents new models, paths, and solutions for a changing world.


Systemic Trance Work
Certification Training

Incl. X-Change & Satir Model
July 28 – August 12, 2017
Dr. Stephen Gilligan, Eva Wieprecht

This innovative certification program includes the Systemic Trance Work seminar as well as the X-Change process and will be completed by an introduction to the Virginia Satir model. All parts can be booked separately.


Systemic Trance Work

July 31 – August 5, 2017
Dr. Stephen Gilligan

A new generation of generative change work which promises to be a ground-breaking approach, useful to therapists, coaches, and others interested in transformational work.


Social Panorama

Certification Training
July 23–27, 2017
Lucas Derks

The social panorama gives you the chance to recreate yourself on the identity level.


Social Presencing Theater

August 7–11, 2017
Daniel Ludevig

A practice that cultivates a body-based, intuitive knowledge of self, groups and society; and applies this knowledge to leadership and change work, using Theory U as a conceptual framework.


Ouro Verde

July 31 – August 5, 2017
Desirée Oliveira

The Ouro Verde (Green Gold) technique combines shamanic and oriental knowledge, psychological concepts, and elements of quantum physics.


Fogo Sagrado– Transdimensional Therapy

August 7–12, 2017
Mônica Oliveira

The transdimensional therapy opens a way for transformation by making us aware of the unbalanced aspects of ourselves.


Systemic NLP Trainer Training

Incl. X-Change
July 23 – August 12, 2017
Sabine Klenke, Tom Andreas
Authenticity, flexiblilty, and competencies are the focus of our NLP Trainer training.

Introduction to the Virginia Satir Human Validation Model

August 7–12, 2017
Eva Wieprecht

Living a happy and congruent life in our core relationships:

Come to a highly experiential workshop that opens gateways to bring your generative trance and mindfulness skills to your key relationships!



These international recognized personalities, masterminds and developers, support the work of Metaforum, the attendant spirit and the interdisciplinary approach in its events in different continents. They also are involved as trainers in different training programs.

  • Dr. Stephen Gilligan, USA
    Developer of Generative Trance
  • Robert Dilts, USA
    Developer of 3rd Generation NLP
  • Dr. Gunther Schmidt, Germany
    Developer of Hypno-systemic Concepts
  • Lucas Derks, The Netherlands
    Developer of the Social Panorama
  • Insa Sparrer, Germany
    Developer of Systemic Structural Constellations
  • Prof. Matthias Varga von Kibéd, Germany
    Developer of Systemic Structural Constellations

31 Years of Metaforum

It has been thirty-one years since our institute was founded as a forum for the development of change methods and their transfer in professional training in Germany, Europe, and now even Brazil. Today METAFORUM with its more than 13,000 graduates is an important professional training center for people from all walks of life who work with human beings and require a continuous renewal of their skills.

The SummerCamp has become the symbol of a new learning culture that combines daily life, exchange, experience, and application. It has also come to embody a cross-methodological approach that sees and positions different models of change as complementing each other.

The stance, spirit, and vision behind all this comes not least from METAFORUM founder and creative developer Bernd Isert (Ɨ), whose work focused on the integrative approach and who introduced his ideas to the world.

With these offerings we are preparing for the future, because now more than ever our world needs new solutions, thoughts, and actions.

Abano Terme in Veneto, Italy

With its beautiful location at the feet of the Euganian Hills in the heart of Veneto, Abano Terme, only 40 kilometres from Venice, is the oldest and most important spa centre in Europe.

Our venue,  the historic monastery San Marco – surrounded by thermal spa hotels and green hills – will enchant you with its very special ambiance.

Padua, Venice, and the Mediterranean are just a short trip away.

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Recreation & Parties

SummerCamp days are rich and full of potential — before, during, and after seminars. There is time enough for you to discover the surroundings, not least the thermal pools, and to meet wonderful people with complementary abilities for an exchange of ideas.

You will find time for all this during the three-hour lunch break, in the evening, and on the weekend. You will enjoy shared breaks, food, and drink. We are famous for our parties! Future trainers give inspiring evening presentations, prospective coaches offer sessions in their field of expertise: what they have learned will be tested and transformed into solutions. And all this is a lot of fun.

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