Hotel Abano Ritz

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Bookings through METAFORUM

Please note that this hotel is only available starting by July 28, 2018 (first possible day of arrival).

Prices for the SummerCamp 2018

Prices per day and person. Additional costs: visitor´s tax of €2 per day and person for the first 7 days of your stay.

Single room with breakfast: €64.00



Double room with breakfast, occupied with two people: €64.00



Surcharge for double occupancy: €25.00 (Total price per day: €89.00)

Surcharge per meal: €32 (without drinks); but it´s also possible to order “à la carte”.

Prices for children
Children under 5 years: free
Children under 13 years: reduction of 50%
Children of 13 years or older: reduction of 30%

Cancellation terms:
Up to 8 days prior to arrival a cancellation without penalty is possible. In case of cancellation 7-2 days prior to arrival you will be charged with a cancellation fee of 50% of the original costs for your stay. Thereafter, or in the case of unannounced no-show you will be charged with the full amount.

Bike rental:
Please note that this hotel only has a limited bike rental. The existing bicycles are only given on an hourly basis and not for your entire stay.

Hotel Terme Abano Ritz
Via Monteortone, 19
35031 – Abano Terme
Padova – Italia
Tel.: 049-86.33.100
Fax: 049-66.75.49

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