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Abano Terme in Venetia

With its beautiful location at the feet of the Euganian Hills in the heart of Veneto, Abano Terme, only 40 kilometres from Venice, is the oldest and most important spa centre in Europe.

The centre of all spa facilities is dominated by an elegant pedestrian area. The most attractive hotels, exclusive shops, the kursaal as well as the congress theater can be found here.

Our comfortable seminar rooms and hotels offer a professional seminar atmosphere and immediate recreation with evening activities and togetherness.

From the nearby town Abano trips to the Euganian Hills or the cities of Venice, Padua, Verona and Vicenza can be organized. Sports fans have access to tennis courts and golf courses, horseback riding schools and a multitude of bike paths.

Abano has a very mild climate with an anual average temperature of 14°C. There is mostly sun shine and rainy days are not common in July and August.

The town that today counts more than 18,000 inhabitants has developed along the main street Viale delle Terme, which connects the historical part of the city with the spa area, the Montirone spring and the oldest spa hotels. The town offers itself to the visitor with all its elegance, historical buildings, blooming flower beds, sqares, fountains and expansive parks.

On the nearby peak of the Monte San Daniele the historical Benedictian monastery of San Daniele can be found. It can be accessed by foot from the spa area. Another worthwhile hiking destination is the Monte Ortone, home to the district Monteortone, which has developed around the pilgrimage church Santuario della Madonna.

Bike Retal

We recommend renting a bike, especially if you choose an accomodation which is more distant from the seminar centre. Bike rental is offered by a number of hotels and by METAFORUM.

For further information on Abano Terme and the surrounding area, please contact the local tourist office:

Tourist Information Offices – Euganean Spas
Abano Terme
Tel: 0039-049-8669055
Fax: 0039-049-8669053