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Systemic Trance Work

A Workshop in Systemic Trance Work (30 hours)
With Stephen Gilligan, Ph.D. (assisted by Eva Wieprecht)

This brand new training in Systemic Trance Work (STW) synthesizes generative trance, especially integrating mindfulness and somatic-based consciousness, with systemic work involving multi-level identity systems. Generative Trance is seen as a fluid and powerful mindbody state where self-identity is created and transformed. STW sees these identity systems as holons—identities that are whole at one level, but just a part of a larger whole at the next higher level. This dual-level sensitivity requires skills of aesthetic intelligence—that is, harmonizing all the parts of an identity field to create an extraordinary performance.

Taken as a whole, STW sees the life of each person and group as a great journey of consciousness, and utilizes generative trance and systemic integration to realize this journey. Each system is in a unique, organic unfolding, and STW provides the principles, processes, and technical skills to allow it to unfold in a generative way.

In the course, you will learn:

  • How, when, and why to develop generative trance
  • How to identify underlying identity systems and creatively transform them to higher levels of integration and functioning
  • The step by step model of Systemic Trance Work
  • How to balance the fluid process of the creative unconscious with the structure of the creative conscious mind
  • How to use STW to let go of negative patterns and relationships and replace them with positive, generative identity systems

This is the newest development in Dr. Gilligan’s work. Please come and join us!

English with interpreting into German
The course will be assisted by Eva Wieprecht, Germany, who has been working with Stephen for years and will contribute daily Somatic Movement Integration Practices which she is has developed for Systemic Trance Work integration.

Eva Wieprecht, MBA, Germany, is the director of the International Virginia Satir Institute of Germany, certified Satir trainer, certified hypnosystemic coach and consultant, trained in generative trance work and selfrelations psychotherapy, certified NLP coach and master trainer.


July 30 – August 3, 2018
Investment: €1,100
This course will be certified by the International Association for Generative Change (IAGC), the group co-founded by Stephen Gilligan and Robert Dilts and counts as accreditation hours (30 hours) for the Master certification level.
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STEPHEN GILLIGAN, Ph.D., is a Psychologist in Encinitas, CA. He was one of the original NLP students at UC Santa Cruz; Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson were his mentors. After receiving his psychology doctorate from Stanford University, he became one of the premier teachers and practitioners of Ericksonian hypnotherapy. He has taught in many different cultures and countries over the past 30 years. In 2004, he received the rarely given Lifetime Achievement Award from the Erickson Foundation in honor of his many contributions. He has published extensively, and his numerous books include the recent “Generative Trance”, the classic “Therapeutic trances,” “The courage to love,” “The legacy of Erickson,” and “The Hero’s Journey: A voyage of self discovery”, co-authored with Robert Dilts.


“The seminar was really great, Steve amazing (as usual), and I want to say also a great thank you to Susanne.”

“Just grateful, inspiring. Bringing together and enriching my past experiences and different systemic and hypnotherapeutic trainings. Thank you so much, Stephen!”