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Fogo Sagrado (Sacred Fire) – Transdimensional Therapy

Transformational systemic work with personality parts

This is training course with a high healing potential, adopting the therapeutic technique Fogo Sagrado – Energetic Alignment in a group. This method leads to a nuanced and comprehensive view of the various parts of our personalities that operate within us. By developing a consciousness of the unbalanced aspects of ourselves, we can chart out a path for transformation which leads to a clarification and healing of old and invalid structures. Working in a collective thereby intensifies the effects and leads to powerful results. Through the law of synchronicity each participant will experience clarification processes.

Portuguese with interpreting into German.


Mônica Oliveira is a Brazilian trained physical therapist with many years of experience in working with coma patients. In 1998, after several years of colloaboration with the Brazilian shaman Dior Allem, she developed the healing technique “Fogo Sagrado” (sacred fire), which combines the shaman origins with modern therapeutic elements.


Date: August 6 – 10, 2018
Investment: €990
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