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About Us

The Academy

Metaforum international – The Academy for Competence Development

The name of our institute embodies our philosophy: A forum is a public meeting place. Meta stands for the big picture, for acquiring background information, for coherence.

Since 1990 we have organized and held our famous residential training programs dedicated to new modes of communication, change work, and human development: In July/August we are offering the International SummerCamp in Abano Terme, Italy. Our International WorldCamp for Systemic Change takes place in Brazil during the Brazilian summer (January/February).

At these residential training programs we offer you:

  • a place for global and intercultural encounters
  • a home for the art of modern communication and change
  • a place where your own joy and naturalness can blossom
  • a place were the goals are as numerous as the ways to achieve them

Metaforum international Ltd. was founded by Bernd Isert (1951 – 2017)  in 1986. We are an academy for humanistic and systemic models of communication, and we see ourselves as part of an integrative process that is expressed in our events, cooperative ventures, and complementary training programs.

The heart of the learning processes and encounters is the annual international SummerCamp and the WorldCamp. They combine living, learning, and social cooperation. This holistic model has become an important part of the international culture of further trainings, providing the ideal atmosphere for

  • an intensive learning experience and chance for personal growth
  • encounters with numerous highly qualified trainers
  • exchange and social contact among the participants across all training levels

Over and over again, our camps have proved to be creative hothouses. New ideas and projects have been born and later realized. Where else do you have the opportunity to combine learning and vacation and try out new models of life and communication in a protected environment? Where else can you relax outside your usual (work) environment and get to know other countries, meet other people, and learn about other cultures?

Our Philosophy

METAFORUM offers professional trainings with high-quality content because we believe in win-win relationships and aim to disseminate all knowledge to the world and promote human development.

Our Mission

To provide the best experience of human development through the knowledge and excellence of our trainers, all of whom are experts in their fields, and though our consistent systemic, integrative, and humanistic Approach.

Our Vision

Open-mindedness, experience, and the joy of discovery are our driving forces because we believe that solutions are everywhere!

Our Values

Our values consist of our commitment to the art of teaching; the simplicity, humility, and humanity with which we deal with human beings; our need to integrate all areas, knowledge, techniques, and models; and most of all our flexibility and openness and the desire to make everyone feel at home and part of the METAFORUM.